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GMAT test prep duration

Our GMAT test prep program is designed to assist a student in systematically preparing for the GMAT over 6 weeks.  Depending on a student’s personal situation and needs, this program can be condensed into a four week program or spread out over 10 weeks.  

GMAT test prep components

Our GMAT test prep consists of five components: 

  1. Online GMAT test prep sessions

  2. Homework assignments

  3. Practice tests

  4. GMAT Strategy sessions

  5. GMAT reading booster

Online GMAT test prep sessions

The foundation of our GMAT program consists of our online classroom sessions.  In these sessions we will teach you all that you need to know about the GMAT test, types of GMAT questions and techniques to tackle different types of GMAT questions.  We will also apply these techniques to questions from past GMAT tests so you see and learn the application of these techniques.

GMAT test prep homework assignments

After each GMAT test prep session, we will assign homework that will give you an opportunity to apply the techniques you learned in the GMAT test prep sessions to questions from past GMAT tests.  These assignments are a critical component of our program as they reinforce the GMAT techniques you have learned during the GMAT test prep sessions.

GMAT Practice tests

At various points in our GMAT program, we will assign you GMAT practice tests to complete.  We have scanned all available resources and have selected GMAT practice tests from various sources for different purposes.  These tests will allow you to gauge your performance in different areas of the test and fine tune your GMAT test prep strategy.

GMAT test strategy sessions

Developing a GMAT test strategy is critical for a good GMAT score.  Our faculty will plan a GMAT test strategy session to teach you the various approaches to the GMAT test.  This is intended to help you develop your own personalized GMAT test strategy which is key for a good GMAT score.

The text  

We use "The official guide for GMAT Review" published by the GMAC. This text contains questions from past GMAT tests on which we will be applying the techniques we learn in class. You will also deal with questions from this book as homework.

GMAT text

GMAT Verbal booster

A good vocabulary is critical for a good GMAT score.  We provide you with daily GMAT vocabulary booster emails meant to improve your vocabulary.  These emails will be combined with other vocabulary building techniques that will be taught in the online GMAT test prep sessions.

GMAT reading comprehension assignments

At appropriate stages during the GMAT test prep program, we will assign you reading practice assignments. This will comprise of various publicly available reading materials and books and is meant to build your reading speed, accuracy and comprehension. Don't expect this to include your favorite novel as the GMAT test questions are often boring scientific or historical passages!

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"The teaching methods of testclassroom.com are unparalleled. The techniques that they focus on, would definitely help any GMAT aspirant secure high scores. My experience with the teaching faculty was great. I can clearly see the difference in my approach towards the GMAT. By just following the techniques taught in the class, the chance of getting a better score increases. I am glad I trained with them...and so will be anyone who registers with them."......Kartik V, Boston MA


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