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How it works

Watch a short 3 minute session to see how cool this can be! (remember to turn your audio on!)

What you need

What you need are 1) a computer, 2) a highspeed Internet connection and 3) a headset with a microphone (any set that you use for voice chat will be sufficient)

Four EASY steps

1. Choose a program (GRE & GMAT batches start weekly).
2. Make the payment.
3. Receive the welcome kit.
4. Enjoy your classes at the appropriate time.


1. Choose an appropriate and convenient program.

We have new batches starting often and offer a number of options to choose from.  We have batches on weekends and weekdays .  We have early morning, evening or daytime batches (it depends on which part of the world you are in !). Contact the customer service team or email us at
care "@" testclassroom.com for current options.

2. Make the payment.

Make the payment with any internationally accepted credit card using Paypal‚Äôs safe and trusted payment gateway.  Depending on your location, you can also pay by money orders or demand drafts. (see your location pages)
Click here to go to the payment page.

3. Receive the "welcome kit".

You will receive a "welcome kit". The "welcome kit" provides you with everything that you need to get started and will include the necessary log in details and instructions to familiarize you with our technology. We will also schedule a trial session to get you familiar with our technology and process. We will send you more materials at the appropriate phase in your preparation.

4. Enjoy your classes at the appropriate time.

At the appropriate time, log on to our live sessions, interact with the best teachers around the world and learn the best techniques and strategies for cracking the GMAT and the GRE tests.

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"The teaching methods of testclassroom.com are unparalleled. The techniques that they focus on, would definitely help any GMAT aspirant secure high scores. My experience with the teaching faculty was great. I can clearly see the difference in my approach towards the GMAT. By just following the techniques taught in the class, the chance of getting a better score increases. I am glad I trained with them...and so will be anyone who registers with them."......Kartik V, Boston MA


"I find Testclassroom a very convenient platform to study for my GMAT. I get to sit at home comfortably having my coffee and snacks while taking notes, which helps me to concentrate better. I wouldn't imagine doing this in a real classroom because it would create so much distraction."........Varun N

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