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N Rao GMAT preparation interview

Having scored 720 in his GMAT, completed his MBA at the Melbourne Business School, Australia and worked in management consulting at E&Y and Booz Allen, N Rao is someone worth paying attention to. N Rao spoke to us. Read on!

What materials did you use to prepare for the GMAT?

Kaplan, Princeton Review, ETS and the most helpful was the last 20 GMAT papers from some Chennai organization.

What was your strategy for the Verbal section?

My strategy was to develop techniques for getting sentence correction right. Reading comp was practice, practice, practice...

What was your strategy for the Math section?

Since I had lost touch, I started from the basics and worked my way up. Probability and geometry were the trickiest...

Did you have a target score in mind when you started preparing?

My target was to score above 700.

How much time did you allocate for the verbal vs. the math section?

75% math - 25% verbal. Math was my weak link since I had not done any math for ages So I spent significantly more time getting up to speed on the basics.

Why did you decide to attend graduate school?

I decided to do an MBA to improve my career prospects and build a foundation for establishing a business myself.

Why did you choose your university?

My factors were: Access to Asia, shorter program, cheaper fees and one that was also prestigious.

Which courses have you taken that were most helpful in getting you to where you are today? Why were they beneficial to you?

Accounting, valuation were the most beneficial to me - I think these are the only subjects that have a quant element and can be taught effectively.

What were the most important skills you acquired, lessons you learned, and experiences you had in these courses? How did the course teach you those skills?

Finance skills were the most important. Mainly through direct course teaching and through case studies.

Did you work during your masters program? What kind of work did you do and why?

I did work but it was more of part time consulting based on old relationships...

Did you do an internship between your first and second years? Please describe your internship? How did you get your internship?

No internship. The program was too short...

What were/are your professional goals?

Start and run a successful business...

How have you achieved those goals since you graduated?

I have partly achieved my goal. I have started my own business and waiting for it be successful!

Where will you go from here?

Hopefully, turn my start up into a success...

What advice would you give to students wishing to succeed in your industry today?

Work hard. Think laterally. Build a strong foundation of skills. Be good at more than one thing. Maximize your chance of opportunities i.e. Put yourself in positions where people want to give you special/tough assignments.

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