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Why trust us with your GMAT or GRE test preparation?

Here are a few reasons!

1) Standardized test tips, tricks and techniques

The GMAT and GRE tests are standardized tests whose questions follow certain patterns. Unlocking standardized test patterns and understanding them are critical to improving your GMAT and GRE scores significantly. We have invested in understanding patterns and identifying techniques to help improve your scores.

2) Methodology

We have developed a unique methodology that effectively teaches these techniques online. Our methodology incorporates pattern analysis, technique demonstration, drills and assignments conducted in a LIVE online environment.

3) Practice with GMAT and GRE questions

We show you how to apply our techniques and methodology to questions from past GMAT and GRE tests provided in the official guides of the GMAC and ETS.

This way you will see first hand how we can help you score better in the actual GMAT or GRE.

4) Convenience

Whether you are a busy executive or a student, live in a large city or in a small town -whatever your situation is, you can access our service wherever you have a high speed Internet connection.

- You waste no time traveling !
- You have access to the best tutors around the world !
- You can study at any convenient time (early morning, late nights or in the middle of the afternoon!

5) Pricing

Prices for good quality GMAT and GRE tutoring are sky high. We believe that our service is affordable and competitive with local rates around the world.

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"The teaching methods of testclassroom.com are unparalleled. The techniques that they focus on, would definitely help any GMAT aspirant secure high scores. My experience with the teaching faculty was great. I can clearly see the difference in my approach towards the GMAT. By just following the techniques taught in the class, the chance of getting a better score increases. I am glad I trained with them...and so will be anyone who registers with them."......Kartik V, Boston MA


"I find Testclassroom a very convenient platform to study for my GMAT. I get to sit at home comfortably having my coffee and snacks while taking notes, which helps me to concentrate better. I wouldn't imagine doing this in a real classroom because it would create so much distraction."........Varun N

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